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A Big Bucket List Item Checked Off

Welcome to my official website!

Have you ever had a bucket list where some items just seem unachievable?
It may take years to check some off, but once it comes true, it's a very good feeling.

I've been visualizing this site in my head for a long time. I wanted one digital home base online for everything I like to share, but with both my hubby and I abruptly becoming disabled a few years ago, everything changed drastically for us, and this bucket list item went on the very long "back burner" list.

Long story, very short:

I suffer with a few Invisible Chronic Illnesses, the main one being Photosensitive Epilepsy. At this point in my life, I spend lots of time resting in bed (and snuggling our bunnies), because so many things trigger my epilepsy both at home and out in the world. I can only avoid so many triggers, and medication helps only to a certain extent. Once triggered, it can take weeks for me to recover. It's no joke.

So creating digital content is what I do when I feel well enough. It's something that makes my heart happy and helps keep me focused on something else than the non-stop nausea I deal with. My brain may have lesions and behave in funky ways, but my love of colors and design hasn't changed.

So here we are.

Let me offer you a delicious hot coco... wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and browse my Shop, Listen (upcoming Podcasts!) or send me a message!